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Using Historical Research To Support A Good Story, by Adrian Goldsworthy

I love the phrase of ‘drip feeding’ the information to readers. It sounds some simple enough but difficult to do.

Writing Historical Novels

I like historical novels to be accurate.  A really good historical novel can often give you a far better flavour of the period than reading quite a few non fiction histories.  Other people are less worried by the accuracy and that is fair enough.  Every reader will want a good story, and during the whole writing process you need to keep focused on the story you want to tell.  The essential narrative – who are characters are, what happens to them, and how they cope with it all – is the single most important thing you have to create.

During your research you will have gathered a lot of material, and in probability will have far more than you can ever use.  It can sometimes be hard to let go of all these little nuggets.  If you have spent weeks, months, or even years reading up and learning all about…

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