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Why Write Historical Fiction: Releasing My Novel, Murder on Second Street

Wonderful post about the beauty of historical fiction. If it weren’t for authors like Rebekah L. Pierce, how many people would have known about this part of American history? I certainly never heard of it but am excited to read about it.


On August 1, 2013, I re-released my historical fiction novel, Murder on Second Street: The Jackson Ward Murders, to much hoopla. It was the second edition of the novel having first published it in 2010 after completing it for the National Novel Writing Month contest in November 2009. Readers of the first edition had been waiting nearly 3 years for this moment. You see, this edition was quite different than the first in that it had: 1) a new cover, 2) a few new character additions, and 3) but most importantly, at the advice of an agent, more focus on the setting of the novel – historic Jackson Ward in Richmond, VA.

Historical fiction is probably one of the most difficult genres to write for many because there is much research involved on top of having to create fictional characters or plot around the history. But I have…

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