Weekly Musing: NaNo Check-in #4

As I suspected, Week Three of NaNo saw me hit a bit of a wall. I still kept up on my productivity, with the exception of a couple days due to travel, yet I feel the quality of the writing wasn’t as strong. The ideas didn’t come as easily as the previous two weeks. It was though by no means as difficult as the first two days of NaNo were for me.

The problem I ran into this week was I did not truly understanding what story I wanted to write. I thought I had a clear idea; however the characters are partially to blame for the change. Instead of one plot, which saw my main character on a quest of a personal nature, it changed to my main character going through a series of adventures.

A new character also sprang up so there was considerable time spent on her backstory. This then snowballed into the realization I had provided very little backstory or context of the world these characters live in. But instead of concentrating on that I decided to jot down notes in EverNote to remind myself of what I needed to think about more for the next draft.

But the characters aren’t completely to blame. I share a huge bulk of the responsibility for the rambling plot, plot holes so big you could fly a Boeing 777 through them with room to spare, and continued inconsistent characterizations. That is a pitfall of pantsing it like I am this month. At the same time it is in keeping with the spirit of NaNo. Just going for it and realizing there are now over 300,000 other people going through similar experiences.

I did hit a milestone this week; on Monday I passed 40,000 words! And while the celebrated 50,000 words mark in within my reach, I am by no means close to being done with the book. I can’t say how much more I have as I am fighting to just come up with a plot to stay with long enough to construct an ending. I guess I should just stick with what I’ve got. After all, it can be fixed later.


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