Weekly Musing: Genie, Oh Genie, Grant Me Three Wishes

Despite having a list of topics I’ve brainstormed, lately I’ve been struggling with coming up with topics for My Weekly Musings. So, in an effort to inject some creativity into my musings, I decided to do a search for blog topics in the hopes of finding something fresh. One of the prompts I found suggested talking about if a genie could grant you three writing related wishes, what would they be? Hmmm, different and thought provoking. Indeed, what would I wish for if I could get my hands on a genie?

Wish #1: Seeing as I’m a practical person, and a rather impatient one at times, my first wish would be to cut down on the number of rewrites I do. It would be so nice and much more efficient if I could truly get at what the story is by at least the second draft instead of the fourth. It would be great to be more efficient. I could be more productive and spend more time writing new stories instead of constantly tinkering with older ones.

Wish #2: I wish breaking into publishing was easy. The more I learn about what it takes to get published, whether traditional or self, the more intimidated I become which in turns causes me to doubt my own abilities as well as each and every idea that pops into my head. If a genie could guarantee that when the time comes for me to start submitting novels out into the world it would be easy, a huge weight would be lifted off my shoulders. I’d like to think I would be able to relax and have more confidence in myself. I would hope I would write with abandon and feel more enthusiasm after finishing a draft. Not that I am wishing to make myself delusional into thinking everything I write should be published, but to know it wouldn’t be as anxiety inducing as I’m sure it will be, would be great.

Wish #3: What to do with the last wish? Should I wish for a Pulitzer or Noble Prize in Literature? No, not my cup of coffee. I doubt I’ll ever write the type of prose that wins those awards and I’m not sure I honestly care about winning any kind of prestigious award (not that I would turn one down).

Would I want to wish for multi-million dollar success? Hmmm, that might be something my spouse would wish for more than I might since he is under some assumption I’ll become rich and he can become a kept man. Of course, it would be a bald-face lie to state I’m not interested in earning a very healthy amount of money for my efforts. It would be nice to get back wages, if you will, for all the effort I will have put in. But to wish for the level of success as a Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Ken Follett, etc.? Not so sure about that. I don’t do well under pressure and I honestly don’t know how any of them deal with it.

So what would my third and final wish be? This should be something grandiose and fantastical. Something wildly and wholly unrealistic but with just a hint of possibility. Sort of like the plot in Outlander.  Oh great writing genie, with my third and final wish, I wish to be able to write until my very last breath. I wish to be lying on my death bed, pen and paper in hand, if I’m able, if not, then at least being able to talk into some kind of computer program. I wish that whatever I’m working on in those last moments, I’ll complete because it would really annoy the hell out of me otherwise.

Three wishes to a mythical genie. That was harder than I thought it was going to be since I’m not prone to such personal flights of fancy. A fun exercise nonetheless. I imagine if I think about this question years from now my answers will probably be different.



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