Weekly Musing: Picture This

Instead of me blabbing on and on I thought I’d try something different this week and present a photo essay about what it feels like to be a writer.

At first, I felt like this:

contented-writer(replace the blonde hair with a red head)

Oh, writing was such a freedom I’d never experienced before. I discovered


But some days I just feel overwhelmed and suffering from a crisis of confidence



when I’d much rather feel confident.



This is normal; some days are better than others.

After a couple of years, my confidence was bolstered by the first time I was informed I was going to be published.


And get paid for it, to boot!


Alas, there have been far more rejection, and there always will be, than offers to publish.


Which is fine. Rejection and failure make a person stronger and helps you develop a tough skin.

An unexpected perk of becoming a writer is joining a writer’s group. Finally, I’m around people who go through the same things. We can celebrate each other’s successes, give encouragement when it’s needed, and kick someone in the ass when they need it.


Through it all, for all the frustrations, I still wouldn’t want to do anything else but this.