Weekly Musing: 2014 NaNoWriMo Check-in #1

Well the first full week of 2014 NaNoWriMo is in the books for me. As of this posting I’ve written over 12,000 words. Pretty great start especially compared to last year at this time when the first couple of days were really rough for me.

During this week I earned two of my milestone rewards. By Monday I earned my first reward at 5,000 words: a couple of cupcakes from a local, award winning bakery. Food is a powerful motivator for me.

By the end of the week I had earned my next reward at 10,000 words. For that milestone I get to buy a puck from our local hockey team. I’m a woman of simple pleasures.

Having a list of affirmations embedded into my word count spreadsheet has contributed to me keeping my sanity and energy up. Admittedly it has been hard for me to follow my own rule of just stepping away from my work for the day and relaxing. My brain is still amped up from writing that after a short break I find myself wanting to go back. But then my right wrist and fingers start hurting reminding me that physically I am done.

I’m feeling much more comfortable, calm, and relax this year which has had a huge impact on my productivity. My word count has also benefited from being more prepared and organized. So far I’m loving my spiral bound index cards as I have found that flipping through it each day to pick a scene cuts down on trying to figure out what to write. It’s also helpful because if I’ve feel pressed for time I can pick a shorter scene.

Since I’m trying this new system out, I haven’t tackled anything requiring me to look at my research. This upcoming week, though, I’m planning at least a couple of scenes that require reviewing research next week. Ideally I’d like to get as many of those scenes done before Thanksgiving week.

At this point I’m feeling pretty confident going into week #2. My upcoming goals, besides meeting the 25,000 words milestone, are to go to at least one of the NaNo write-ins in my area. I’m also going to make myself do more activities outside so as to clear my mind and just enjoy myself.

Here’s hoping that everyone else participating in NaNoWriMo is having a good week. If not then there’s still plenty of time to get going. Even if you don’t finish the book this month, just try to get to that 50,000 words mark.