Weekly Musing: What’s On Your List?

Bucket lists, those things we’d like to do/accomplish/experience before we die. I haven’t put much thought about my bucket list other than a few things. It’s not because of my age and some asinine notion I have a ton of time on this planet. Unlike my spouse, I don’t think I’m immortal and realize I could go at any second.

When it comes to my life as a writer, what would be on my bucket list? This list is different from my goals I’ve set out for myself as it is more fun. As usual, this list isn’t in any particular order.

Research Trips: Not sure if this should be on a bucket list. The reality is research trips are something which are part of the job. At least for the stories I write and intend to write. Unfortunately I have yet to be able to go on one research trip. I was aiming to go on one next year but due to some unforeseen circumstances, that plan got scrapped. From what I understand, research trips help a writer to better understand your characters and their experiences. Plus who wouldn’t want to see more of the world?

Meeting My Favorite Authors: Previously I’ve documented who my favorite authors are. I’m sure over the course of my life this list will change. Authors are probably some of the most approachable of artist types even though writing is a solitary activity. I think it is far easier for a reader or writer to be able to meet, even for a brief few seconds, their favorite authors. No matter how famous or how much money an author has, so many of them still attend conferences, conventions, book signings, and other public events all around the world. Should I ever get a chance to meet any of my favorites, I highly doubt I’ll be able to find my tongue. I’m shy by nature and I’d be in too much awe to say much beyond “You’re awesome!”

Taking a Literary Vacation: I think it would be neat to take a literary vacation. What I mean by that is it would be a fun kind of vacation to visit the hometowns of some of the literary giants. Again, another excuse to travel this time to explore areas which inspired some of the most well-known works in history. Like a research trip, it would be neat to sit and experience what a famous author must have seen or heard or smelled as they wrote. Maybe some of their environment would rub off on me and inspire me to greatness.

I guess that’s it. The list is short but ambitious. The overarching theme with my writer’s bucket list is one where I get the opportunity to travel and see more of the world. Books take us throughout the world, both our own and those of others, so why not explore more of the only one I have easy access to?



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