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Hooking Readers With Your Historical Fiction, by Gary Worthington

Well written argument to the importance of the first line of a story to a reader.

Writing Historical Novels

Think of the last time or two when you were deciding whether or not to invest your limited hours in reading a particular historical novel by an unfamiliar author. You may have initially been attracted by an enticing cover but you likely soon read at least part of the dust jacket summary and the endorsements from other writers.

Quite soon you probably sampled the actual writing, perhaps on the first pages of the story. If you’re like me, you decided quickly whether or not the novel was one you wanted to read. You may have made your judgement based on only the first page or two, or even the first paragraph, especially if you had a short time to decide.

In your own writing, how should you do all you can to quickly hook the reader?

An intriguing first sentence can help. Not long ago I actually added a different…

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